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Some new useful features and improvements to the HarmonySite software have just been released, including:

  • Repeating events.  It’s now possible to create repeating events in the event calendar.  It’s very easy:  Simply visit an event’s page and click the new “Create repeating events” button at the top of the page.  You are then taken to a page with a calendar on it, on which you click each day that you would like a duplicate event created.  You can use this to fill next year’s rehearsals, for example, or to create a concert that has multiple dates.  Note that attachments are not copied into the new duplicate event, nor are details for the “Past Performances” page.
  • In the “Contact” box on the home page, there is now an option to have a YouTube link/icon.  If your group has a YouTube page, email me its address and I’ll add this icon for you.
  • If you had any customised items in the “Members” menu, for which there were no corresponding icons on the Members page, these items are now listed on the Members page, in a bulleted list under the icons
  • All “posts” (bulletin board items, news items, teaching resources, documents, etc) now have “Status” field, with the options of “current” or “archived”.  You can also create new statuses if you need them (go to Administration -> Lists).  Setting an item to “archived” doesn’t currently do anything (except show that it’s been archived), but if you would like a special “Archives” page for all such items, let me know and I’ll create one for you and move all archived items onto it.
  • When members add suggestions to the Suggestion Box, it’s now possible for them to add an attachment.
  • In the “Polls” box on the Members page, there’s now a new “Add new poll” button
  • If a member is on any Committees/Teams, the details of these now appears on that’s member’s profile page
  • The Assessments page has been simplified
  • When adding a new assessment for a member, there are now options for his status regarding that song:  Pass, Fail or n/a.
  • There are now two separate Assessment Reports:  one for Singing and one for Presentation/Choreography.

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