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Online Group Management and Website/App Package

Online Group Management and Website/App Package

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“You have decreased my workload significantly”

“The website has become the focal point for information instead of me!”

“A very professional, easy-to-use system”

“HarmonySite has proved an excellent asset”

“Really great and intuitive”

“You and your team are responsive, responsible and go the extra mile”


Everything you need

HarmonySite is an all-in-one group-management package for your choir, club, orchestra, society, etc – bundled into your own gorgeous website. It’s a public-facing website, a powerful Members Area, and an integrated Email/SMS communications tool.


So easy to use

The purpose of HarmonySite is to make your life easier. Period. Managing your group and your members, promoting your events, communicating with your supporters, members, administration team – HarmonySite makes it all a snap!


Singing Groups

HarmonySite is so flexible it will work with any group or club that has members and events, but it’s got some extra-awesome features for singing groups – choirs, choruses, etc. Charts, tracks, assessments, riser stacks – it’s all here.

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Socially Connected

HarmonySite is beautifully integrated with all your social media.

Reproduce your Facebook and Twitter feeds, or your YouTube videos within your website pages, share your events to Facebook – you get the picture…

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What our happy clients say

“I can’t tell you how pleased we are with our new HarmonySite website. We had been using Groupanizer as an internal website and had a separate public website.  Now everything is in one place and the site has so much functionality. Our members are all raving about its ease of use. The three of us with administrative rights are raving about how easy it is to manage. When we were asking Mark about the site, he patiently and clearly answered all our questions.  Now that the site is up and running – which was very fast – he quickly responds to any questions. We are absolutely delighted and will be recommending HarmonySite to all our Sweet Adeline sisters!”

“We adopted HarmonySite for our new website earlier this year. The features HarmonySite provides for both the public and our choir members are invaluable. It seems almost nothing is impossible to do. The support provided by Mark during the setting-up process was fabulous, and this support has continued since then – he is always at the end of an email or phone line (day or night)!  We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback on our new site; the most recent comment from someone booking us was “Love your website.  It was really easy to quickly find out what I needed to know”. We highly recommend HarmonySite as a user friendly, professional website.”

“HarmonySite has transformed the way we communicate and interact with the public, but even more importantly, within the choir.   The product has continuously evolved and improved, and has grown into a very sophisticated organisational and marketing tool for us and many of our fellow choirs.  I could not recommend it highly enough for choirs of any size.”

DYNES • Musical Director, Cafe of the Gate of Salvation
“We are completely happy with HarmonySite. Members access their membership information, send emails, download music and so much more with great ease. As the webmaster, it is such an intuitive system that making changes and additions is a breeze and if I can’t figure it out, Mark fixes it for me in minutes. The bonus? HarmonySite is less expensive than our previous provider while providing so much more.”
“The service we have received since signing up with Mark at HarmonySite has been nothing short of amazing. The biggest plus for us is that when we lodge a query with Mark, it is usually responded to positively within 1-2 hours, and we are always kept informed of current and future developments and easy step-by-step instructions on how to get the most of our website. Highly recommended!”
“The ease with which we can administer the website is most impressive. The in-built flexibility of the website has meant that we can accommodate just about everybody’s requests! So many thanks, you have decreased my workload significantly and meant that I can get on with the main reason for joining the chorus – singing!”
“The new website is amazing – we have some pretty clever people in our chorus. If I can get around the website, ANYONE can. Very user friendly. Can’t say enough about it. Huge thank you to everyone who did this for us. Such a wonderful learning tool. Feels like we are in the ‘big time’ now!”
“HarmonySite provides a world-class service at very competitive rates. Above that, though, they provide a level of personal support like none I’ve encountered anywhere else. Unless you own a datacentre I don’t believe you can do better.”
TIM • Ottawa, Canada
“Working with our HarmonySite website is a breeze, and if I have any support queries, they are answered incredibly quickly. All my misunderstandings are dealt with in a frank and professional manner. So simple, so sound.”

“Mark, thank you for our HarmonySite.  The site is really great and intuitive. Most importantly you and your team are the “wow” factor. I love that you are responsive, responsible and go the extra mile. As someone involved in conflict management, having IT support with huge emotional intelligence is worth its weight in gold!”

“HarmonySite is ideal for our purposes. It’s very user-friendly and works wells across a number of platforms, including tablets and smartphones. It’s much easier than developing a website ourselves from scratch! We love the administrator view that allows us to easily see how the site appears to members and to the public, and the integrated calendar makes it simple to share information about performances and other events. Mark and his team have been very responsive to enquiries and suggestions, and have happily made minor adjustments to better suit our needs.”
“This is a very good website product. I dare to say it should be a vital tool for the smooth operation of a Barbershop Chorus and relations to the Barbershop community. It is easy to navigate and, best of all, the help and comprehensive service from Mark is second to none!”