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Here is some interesting news about HarmonySite and credit card payments…

Price drop for credit card payment gateway
(for Australian HarmonySite users only)

We have just learned that one of our credit card payment gateway providers, Stripe, has lowered their pricing for Australian credit card transactions, from 2.9% + 80 cents per transaction to 1.75% + 80 cents per transaction (Australian credit cards only, excluding American Express). This is extremely cheap for a payment gateway, and it means that there is now even more reason to integrate a payment gateway into your HarmonySite.

What’s a Payment Gateway?

With a payment gateway, you are able to receive payments via credit card, securely on your website, for the following:

  • Membership invoices
  • Merchandise, via s shopping cart
  • Event tickets (coming soon)
  • Donations (coming soon)

If you have yet to set up these options in your HarmonySite, we have some guides to get you started…

  • Set up member invoicing:
  • Set up merchandise/shopping cart:

…and a guide to help you select the best payment gateway…

Take payments on your phone!
Did you know that if you have an account with the payment gateway Stripe, you can also download smartphone apps that allow you to take credit card payments anywhere that you happen to be? So, for example, if you’re on site at a concert your group is putting on, you can take payments for tickets at the door via credit card, and all you need is a phone (with an Internet connection, of course – your normal mobile phone Internet connection will be fine). With some of these apps, you can even connect a card reader to your phone, so you don’t need to type in the card number, expiry date, etc.

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