“I can’t tell you how pleased we are with our new HarmonySite website.  We had been using Groupanizer as an internal website and had a separate public website.  Now everything is in one place and the site has so... Read More


I’m still wide-eyed at how easy this site is to use and quickly you... Read More


We adopted HarmonySite for our new website earlier this year. The features HarmonySite provides for both the public and our choir members are invaluable. It seems almost nothing is impossible to do. The support provided by Mark during the... Read More

Dynes, Musical Director

“HarmonySite has transformed the way we communicate and interact with the public, but even more importantly, within the choir.   The product has continuously evolved and improved, and has grown into a very sophisticated organisational and marketing tool for us... Read More


“We are completely happy with HarmonySite.  Members access their membership information, send emails, download music and so much more with great ease. As the webmaster, it is such an intuitive system that making changes and additions is a breeze... Read More


“The service we have received since signing up with Mark at HarmonySite has been nothing short of amazing. The biggest plus for us is that when we lodge a query with Mark, it is usually responded to positively within... Read More


“The ease with which we can administer the website is most impressive.  The in-built flexibility of the website has meant that we can accommodate just about everybody’s requests!  So many thanks, you have decreased my workload significantly and meant... Read More


“The new website is amazing – we have some pretty clever people in our chorus.  If I can get around the website, ANYONE can.  Very user friendly. Can’t say enough about it.  Huge thank you to everyone who did... Read More

Tim, Ottawa, Canada

“HarmonySite provides a world-class service at very competitive rates. Above that, though, they provide a level of personal support like none I’ve encountered anywhere else. Unless you own a datacentre I don’t believe you can do better.”... Read More


“Working with our HarmonySite website is a breeze, and if I have any support queries, they are answered incredibly quickly. All my misunderstandings are dealt with in a frank and professional manner. So simple, so sound.”... Read More