HarmonySite - Payment Gateways Compared

This page compares the various payment gateways that HarmonySite supports.

  Stripe eWAY
all inclusive
(eWAY Plan)
gateway only
(Community Plan)
Availability Worldwide Australia only Australia only
Currencies accepted Any A$ only A$ only
Website www.stripe.com www.eway.com.au www.eway.com.au
Cards accepted Visa, MasterCard, Amex
(plus Discover, JCB &
Diners Club in USA)
Visa, MasterCard Visa, MasterCard
Merchant facility
with your bank
not required included
(does not include
EFTPOS facilities)
not included
Set-up fee - $200 + GST
Payable to HarmonySite
$200 + GST
Payable to HarmonySite
Monthly fee - - A$20
including $5 free
transactions per month
Transaction fee
2.9% 1.75% (Australia)
2.9% (elsewhere)
2.2% -
Transaction fee
$0.80 A$0.30 A$0.50
SSL certificate required? - Yes
$90 per year + GST
(provided by HarmonySite)
$90 per year + GST
(provided by HarmonySite)
Other fees - - You must provide your
own merchant facilities.
This will incur a monthly fee
plus a per-transaction fee,
payable to your bank
Other benefits Take payments anywhere
in the world using
smartphone apps
Set-up time A few minutes Lenghty process, including
setting up a merchant
account with your bank
- often several weeks.
A few days, assuming
you already have a
merchant account with
your bank
To set up an account Log into your HarmonySite
In the "Administration" box
on your Members page,
click "Connect to Stripe
Payment Gateway
Contact eWAY directly Contact eWAY directly